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Tree Services

  • Tree Spraying

      -We treat for the Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) using
      high PSI spray rigs/guns to reach as high on the tree as is
      possible.  We treat with a                    pesticide,
      which is plant-based, at the highest label-approved
      mixture for optimum effectiveness.

      -We also treat for Ips Beetle, Scale, Mites, Western Spruce 

       Budworm & other tree illnesses.

  • Tree Trimming

      -Trimming your trees can prevent break-off's onto property and 

       can improve tree health.  We are equipped to trim or remove

       difficult and/or dangerous trees.

  • Tree Removal

      -Thinning forests is beneficial to tree health and can prevent 

spread of MPB as well as other pests and fungus.  We can remove, cut to firewood length, stack, and chip.  Whatever is necessary to meet your needs.​

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