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Do I have Bed Bugs?

What do they look like?

Have I been bitten?

Process for extermination:

  • Small (about the size of an apple seed)

  • Reddish Brown

  • Flat

  • They hide in crevices of the home including baseboards, mattress seams, headboards, bed frames...

  • Be cautious of birds/bats nesting on or in your home as they can be carriers.

  • We find it common that females in the home are found to have been bitten prior to or worse than men

  • Bites are red with darker red center

  • Located on the neck, face, hands or arms

  • Itchy

  • Most common to find bites in sets of 3

  • Contact us immediately.  We will give you a checklist of things to have in order before treatment. This will include such things as: laundering your clothing, removing heat-sensitive items from the home, and being out of the home for the 3 treatment days scheduled

  • We treat with heat and chemical. We sustain a high level of heat in the home for a time to kill adults, larva, and eggs.  Chemical is used as needed in cracks & crevices, on floors, walls, carpets, rugs, and/ or furniture.

  • Timeliness of beginning this process is SO important.  Bed bugs can spread to other rooms, apartments, and so forth at a rapid pace.

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