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About Us

      We are a family owned and operated company in Colorado since 2005.  Prior to this, starting in 2000, we worked for the two largest pest control firms in the world, that had offices based in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  We have the knowledge of being Technicians, Supervisors, and Managers for these huge Companies.  From managing Routes to Multi-Million dollar Branches, we wanted to take the valuable knowledge learned, along with the desire to truly want to make a difference, and bring it to Colorado.  Being brought up in a family owned and operated business, we wanted to get back to that enviroment.  Having moved to the beautiful Colorado mountains, we became devoted to preserving our trees and views for ALL.  We take pride in the fact that our clients are consistently having us take care of their properties and we have been able to do just that, save many trees, make great friends, and give clients the service they deserve!


      Also of importance is our knowledge of skill and safety regarding tree trimming and/or removal.  Our ISA education has helped in this area of expertise.  Whether near homes, powerlines, or elsewhere we have been successful in preserving the dignity of our client's properties.


      We are equally excited to offer a completely natural fertilizer that has proven time and again to better tree and plant health.  If you have recenly transplanted a tree, have a sickly looking tree, or even want to improve your garden's production this is the way to go!  This method has also been used to help trees already hit by MPB.  We have seen them ooze the proper amount of sap after treatments and capture beetles the way they are supposed to as a result.  We administer two root injection, foliage, and trunk treatments per year.  What a great alternative to trees near a water source or for persons with pesticide related health concerns!


     Needing monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly treatments of your mountain home or place of business for pests?  Please call us today!


NOTE:  We are Insured, Bonded, can provide References, AND are Licensed by the CDA.


              ALL commercial applicators MUST be Licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

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